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Sign Painters Trailer - File under inspiration.


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Free Marvel #1s to check out

Marvel is giving away a bunch of their comics today on Comixology today. The server is being hammered SO THE LINKS PROBABLY WON’T WORK TODAY. If you’re using the Comixology iOS app you can still search for these and add them to your comics list to download once the servers are back up and running.

Here are my favorite Marvel comics from the last few years.

1. Astonishing X-Men #1 - Written by Joss Whedon (who did the Avengers movie and a lot of other geeky stuff like Firefly and Dr. Horrible). Such a well written book and one of the most accesible super hero comics I’ve ever read.

2. Hawkeye #1 - This is one of the best comics going today. This is what Hawkeye does when he’s not in costume. Most super hero stories go for the spectacular, this one finds great stories in the mundane. 

3. Ultimate Spider-Man #1 - A retelling of the Spider-Man story from the beginning. A little older (from 1999) but a really good jumping on point that’s light hearted and fun.

4. The Ultimates #1 - One of my all-time favorite super hero stories. The Avenger’s movie pulled a lot of inspiration from this book.

5. Daredevil #1 - A simple, well written ongoing Daredevil story written by Mark Waid, one of my favorite writers. 

6. Uncanny X-Force #1 - This is what I think of when i think of modern super hero comics. All the characters have a convoluted back story, a lot of violence and fairly dark themes and kinda hard to just step into. But if you’re into that sort of thing this does it really well.

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littlebigdetails: - When opening a new tab the page title changes to “♥ Come back luv!”. 
/via Daniel Lindholm

littlebigdetails: - When opening a new tab the page title changes to “♥ Come back luv!”. 

/via Daniel Lindholm

UX Archive

I may have a new favorite site. 

I find myself often searching dribble for little UI details to see how other people approached those kinds of things. The great thing about this site is that it’s not just the design but screen shots progressing you through the process. You get a much broader idea of how really well built apps are designed and thought through.

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My Comic Writing Process is a Mess


And I like it that way. Here is what I tweeted earlier today:

A couple folks asked if I would share the script anyway. I figured why not so I opened my big document of comic ideas and found a mess of a script. The idea was to give Flickr feelings and have it deal with abandonment. There are 3 variations of the script, I never came up with a punchline for any of them which is probably why it never left the big document of ideas.

This is how I work: I jot down dozens of ideas as they come to me every week and then when I have time I go back and see if there is something more to them. Unfortunately this makes for excruciatingly bad and boring scripts but is a pretty good way to collect ideas.

v1 Trying to break up with Flickr:

  • FL: You used to love me.
  • Brad: I still do.
  • FL: But you never use me.
  • Brad: It’s just easier to use Facebook or Instagram
  • FL: Can you group your photos in sets? Can you tag them? Is the quality any good.
  • Brad: Listen it’s not you it’s me. 
  • FL: I see, 


  • Brad: Happy Birthday Flickr!
  • FL: Aw thanks guys, you shouldn’t have. 
  • FL: What are you doing?
  • Brad: Taking your picture.
  • FL: With that brick?
  • FL: You own a f-ing Panteck super sync 9000 and you’re using your phone?!?
  • FL: You used to be a real photographer not falling for every pretty filter that batted her eyelashes at you!


  • FL: Happy birthday Brad!
  • Brad: Flickr! You scared me, and it’s not my birthday 
  • FL: Well if you have filled out the new forms on the about page I would have known that
  • Brad: I didn’t know…
  • FL: Of course you didn’t, you haven’t logged in since March
  • FL: Where have you been Brad?
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Deceptively simple

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The Memphis Music Hall of Fame

Memphis music hall of fame

The guys over at Simple Focus did a great job on the Memphis Music Hall of Fame site

On twitter JD Graffam let me in on a little secret, the chalk portrait above was drawn in pencil and then just reversed in Photoshop. Simple but brilliant effect.

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Why do Japanese Sites Look So Different?

Japanese Web Design: Why You So 2003?

I’ve never looked at Japanese sites before so I don’t know how accurate this article is, but it does point out a lot of the differences between how the Japanese surf the web and we do.

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Visualizing the Rolling Stone’s Tours

Rolling Stones Visulized

This site tracks the Rolling Stone’s tours going back to their first in 1964. Some beautiful visualisation and interactions going on here. 

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Flashless Animation

Rachel has been showing bits and pieces of her animation experiments for weeks. She breaks down her process in today’s 24 Ways post.

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Stop telling us how much everything sucks

Great article by Rian van der Merwe

It’s easy to call a site/app terrible, what’s hard is comprehending the complexities of the solution it’s trying to solve.

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The Daily is Shutting Down

The iPad only newspaper closes its doors on the 15th.

Unfortunately, I think the lesson that most people will take from this is that newspapers won’t work on a tablet. I think the real lesson here is that old media won’t work on the internet.

The Daily hired a ton of people (150?!?) and set out to recreate a traditional newspaper on the iPad. You don’t need a building full of writers, editors, designers, nose pickers, and interns to make great content anymore. 

Lesson two is that general interest is dead. Why read a boring generalized version of a story when you’re connected to the internet? You have better, more focused content at your fingertips on the web or through other apps. General interest means you don’t understand your audience because you don’t have one. 

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Trent Walton on how and why things are built the way they are

Even today, when presented with a roadblock while building for the web, I am temped to get by with the help of the latest grid system, framework, polyfill, or plugin. In and of themselves these resources are harmless, but before I can drop them in, those damn words still echo in the back of my mind: “You’ll figure it out.”

-Trent Walton on 24 Ways

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Conference Websites

Two new conference websites launched over the weekend.

An Event Apart

An Event Apart: Fantastic high end conference that’s know for its top notch lineup and experience.

Circles Conf

Circles: Looks like a great lineup. I’m impressed by the design and that they have their site up almost a year before the event.

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A look inside Amazon’s warehouses.

A look inside Amazon’s warehouses.